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Promoting public interest in receiving quality optometric health care from competent licensed optometrists. Protecting the public by ensuring that all licensed optometrists meet the educational and practical requirements specified in law. Protecting the public by setting standards for quality optometric health care.


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  • Order an Official License Verification $50.00 fee
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Public Info:

Newsletter 2018

Required Continuing Education to be Completed in 2019: Please Read!

At the September 26, 2018 Board Meeting, the board discussed the importance of all Minnesota Optometrist’s awareness of the updated rules and statutes.  They debated best approaches to assure exposure to these current requirements, which were effective July 11, 2018. The board is requiring the following for next year’s (January 1, 2020) renewal of license.  The required continuing education must be completed now through calendar year 2019, with the board providing the following additional parameters:      
·         Successful completion of the open book state statute and rules jurisprudence examination during calendar year 2019 is required in order to renew an active January 1, 2020 license.
·         The complete set of statutes and rules is on the MBO website.
·         Two (2) clock hours of live, general optometry (G0) is awarded for the successful completion of the state jurisprudence examination. 
·         The NBEO (National Board of Examiners for Optometry) maintains the exam and charges a mandatory user access fee of $25.00 for each exam.  You access the exam by registering at the NBEO website.
·         For successful exam scores, Minnesota Board staff will send OE Tracker the required information to be uploaded into OE Tracker, at the beginning of each month until December 1, 2019.
·         The examination process must be completed by December 1, 2019 to be recorded, uploaded and active in your OE Tracker account to renew the January 1, 2020 license. 
·         The new version of the examination was active on September 1, 2018 and all successful exams from that day forward are compliant with this requirement. 

Minn Rule:  6500.3000 Subp. 10.   Requirements in specified subjects.  The board may, when compelled by advancement in scope of practice or emerging public health issues, and by mailing written notice to each licensed optometrist on or before January 1, require all optometrists to attend continuing education programs in specified subjects.

Duplicate License Cards - To order duplicate license cards, click “Add to Cart and Continue Shopping” on the Fee Information page ... Read More 

RENEWAL of License:  Get ready for next year's 40 Clock Hours Requirement:   It is never too early to plan for continuing education requirements for renewal of License 2020!   The Board embraces the national COPE standards and reviews Minnesota approved CE at every meeting.      As virtually no education occurs after Thanksgiving, the board is intentionally adjusting the administrative renewal dates to October 1st to November 30th, to avoid the end of year challenges for OD’s renewing at the last minute. This new approach will assist in having an active license on January 1st as required to see patients within Minnesota.  Administratively, updates require OE Tracker a minimum of 3-5 working days to upload the clock hours into the individual account and to synchronize with the online renewal system.  We are promoting December as the administrative month to resolve any outstanding issues. Typically, the renewal of license can completed in under five minutes when presenting validated clock hours verified by OE Tracker.  

Prescription Monitoring Program:        

To assist you,  please review the current Registration for Minnesota Prescription Monitoring Program as administered by the Minnesota Board of Pharmacy A reminder that the only role the Minnesota Board of Optometry is to communicate the law to you and then to respond to complaints.  If an OD attempted to order controlled substances subject to current concerns and was not on the PMP registry, the board would need to respond with an investigation.  The current vendor in charge of this program manages 42 of 50 states and they have people assigned at their help desk to assist you with specific questions.    Our role is to communicate the need to register if you meet the criteria of 1) a licensed Minnesota Optometrist 2) hold DEA Registration and 3) prescribe controlled substances.  
Minnesota Statutes:  151.126 Prescription Monitoring Program. 
By July 1, 2017, every prescriber licensed by a health-related licensing board listed in section 214.01, subdivision 2, practicing within this state who is authorized to prescribe controlled substances for humans and who holds a current registration issued by the federal Drug Enforcement Administration, and every pharmacist licensed by the board and practicing within the state, shall register and maintain a user account with the prescription monitoring program. Data submitted by a prescriber, pharmacist, or their delegate during the registration application process, other than their name, license number, and license type, is classified as private pursuant to section 13.02, subdivision 12.

Board Appointments:

Patrick O’Neill, OD,  John Muellerleile, OD,  and Kari Slotten, Public Member four year terms of service on the board expire January, 2019.  We greatly appreciate their service to the board combining 21 years of service to citizens and Optometrists in the state! The board will need at least one OD and a public member for 2019. 

The Open positions are posted in November of each year. If interested, appointments are initiated throughthe Secretary of State and those applications are forwarded to the Governor who makes the final selection.  Of course, this year, the decision may occur as late as June 30, 2019.  If interested in an open board position, please contact the office with any questions or go directly to the Secretary of State and complete an application.

Current Board Members:
  • Patrick O'Neill, OD, President, Northfield, Term ends 1/2019
  • John Muellerleille, OD, Vice President, Owatonna, Term Ends 2019
  • Don Sipola, OD, Secretary, Virginia, Term ends 1/2020
  • Kari Slotten, Public Member, Apple Valley, Term ends 1/2019
  • Ron Czerepak, Public Member, North St. Paul, Term ends 1/2021
  • Eric Bailey, OD, St. Cloud, Term ends 1/2021
  • Michelle Shi-Ming Falk, OD, Term ends 1/2022 
Decorative Contact Lenses: The  Minnesota Board of Optometry (MBO) joins with the US Food and Drug Administration to alert consumers of the risks associated with Non-Prescription Decorative Contact Lenses.  Halloween inspired cosmetic contact lenses which can prove to be a health hazard.


Contact the board office with any questions you have. We will work to resolve any remaining questions. 

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