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Application for Licensure by Endorsement

An optometrist who holds a current license from another state, and who has practiced in that state not less than three years immediately preceding application, may apply for licensure in Minnesota by filling out and swearing to an "Application for License by Endorsement" furnished by the board. The completed application with all required documentation shall be filed at the board office along with a fee of $193.25 (Application fee $160 + Criminal Background Check fee $33.25). FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.. To verify that the applicant possesses the knowledge and ability essential to the practice of optometry in this state, the applicant must provide evidence of: 

(1) having obtained a clinical doctorate degree from a board-approved school or college of optometry; 

(2) successful completion of both written and practical examinations for licensure in the applicant's original state of licensure that thoroughly tested the fitness of the applicant to practice; 

(3) successful completion of an examination of Minnesota state optometry laws; 

(4) compliance with the requirements for board certification in section 148.575; 

(5) compliance with all continuing education required for license renewal in every state in which the applicant currently holds an active license to practice; and 

(6) being in good standing with every state board from which a license has been issued. 

Documentation from a national certification system or program, approved by the board, which supports any of the listed requirements, may be used as evidence. The applicant may then be issued a license if the requirements for licensure in the other state are deemed by the board to be equivalent to those of sections 148.52 to 148.62.

Criminal Background Check  

The Minnesota Board of Optometry is statutorily required to complete a Federal and State Criminal Background Check prior to issuing your license. In Minnesota, a formal application to the Board will initiate this separate processing conducted by another agency, the Criminal Background Check Unit (CBC).   Initial results indicate this may add three to four weeks to complete the CBC and application to the license process.  Once your application is received, the Criminal Background Check Unit will contact you with directions to complete the CBC.  The $33.25 fee is added to your application and there is no additional fee.   The Minnesota Board of Optometry will be informed of the results and move your application forward.

Application for Licensure by Endorsement

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