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Application for Reinstatement


Subpart 1. Requirements. After a former licensee complies with the requirements in this part, the license shall be reinstated. Any person desiring the reinstatement of a license shall:

A. submit to the board a completed application on a form provided by the board;

B. submit with the application the fee of up to three prior renewal periods and the applicable late fees, if the person has not held an active license in any state during the three calendar years preceding the date of application;

C. include with the application a letter stating the reasons for applying for reinstatement; 

D. retake and pass the Minnesota jurisprudence examination; and

E. demonstrate satisfaction of Minnesota continuing education requirements for the three years prior to application, except that if the person holds an active license in any state on the date the person applies for reinstatement, the person may demonstrate proof of compliance with the continuing education requirements of the state or states in which the person is licensed for the three calendar years preceding the date of the application in lieu of demonstrating compliance with Minnesota continuing education requirements.  

If the individual is licensed in another state or states, the individual must also demonstrate that the individual's license has been active and in good standing in all states in which the individual is licensed for the three years prior to application.  

Subp. 2. [Repealed, 43 SR 5]

Subp. 3. Revoked or suspended license. No license that has been suspended or revoked by the board under its authority to take disciplinary action may be reinstated unless the applicant for reinstatement satisfies the requirements of subpart 1, provides evidence of full rehabilitation from the offense for which the license was suspended or revoked, and complies with all other reasonable conditions imposed by the board for the purpose of establishing the extent of rehabilitation. The board may require the licensee to pay all costs of the proceedings resulting in the suspension or revocation of a license under part 6500.2800 or pursuant to its disciplinary authority and the reinstatement or issuance of a new license. A licensee who has been disciplined by the board in a manner other than by suspension or revocation may be required by the board to pay all costs of the proceedings resulting in the disciplinary action. 

Subp. 4. [Repealed, 43 SR 5] 

Subp. 5. [Repealed, 43 SR 5]

Subp. 6. [Repealed, 43 SR 5]


Call Board Office at 651-201-2762 for information on fees and required continuing education.

Application for Reinstatement

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