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OTA Temporary License (Another State or NBCOT Certified)

In the State of Minnesota, you must have a current Minnesota Occupational Therapy license before you may begin practicing or using protected titles. Thoroughly review the application materials before submitting your application. Any processing fees incurred are your responsibility. The Board reserves the right to reject any outdated applications.
Complete this process to apply for a temporary license based upon NBCOT Verification of Certification or Unrestricted license in another state.
Important things to know about the application process based upon NBCOT certification or licensure in another state:
  • Your temporary license is in effect for ninety (90) days;
  • It is renewable for an additional ninety (90) days if absolutely necessary and with justification;
  • The Temporary License renewal form must be submitted in paper and is linked above. The renewal form must be mailed via US mail. Ensure it is mailed in adequate time for processing;
  • After BOTP receives ALL necessary documents, it will take five (5) to ten (10) business days to review your temporary license application for approval;
  • If a question on the application doesn’t apply to you, respond “N/A.”;
  • When you are approved for a temporary license, you will receive correspondence via mail from the Board confirming your licensure.
To ensure that your application is processed in a timely manner, complete the following checklist items:
  • Complete the application through the online portal. License fees are submitted at the end of the online application;
  • In addition, you will need to request ONE of the following items be sent directly to the Board;
    • Verification of Certification from NBCOT. (Please note: The NBCOT verification of certification is NOT the same document as the exam results).; Or
    • Verification of Licensure Letter from the state in which you have a current unrestricted license.
What happens next?
You may begin to practice as soon as your name appears on our License Look Up page (link found in menu bar above). The website is updated as licenses are issued.
If you have specific questions about the application process contact the Board office directly.
If you require an alternate format (i.e. large print), please call 1-800-627-3529. 
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