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OTA Application and Instructions

Instructions and Applications

If you are an individual licensed in another state and seeking employment in the State of Minnesota as an Occupational Therapy Assistant Practitioner, you will apply using the Licensure by Equivalency or Licensure by Reciprocity methods. All versions require completion of an online application, submission of the required fees, and completion of a Criminal Background Check.  Provision of supporting documents is based upon license type.  All supporting documents must be sent directly from the originating organization to the BOTP.

In the State of Minnesota, you must have a current Minnesota Occupational Therapy Assistant license before you can begin practicing in Minnesota or using protected titles. Please thoroughly review the application materials before submitting your online application. Any processing fees incurred are your responsibility. The Board reserves the right to reject any outdated applications submitted.

Licensure by Equivalency is used by those that are graduates of an accredited occupational therapy education program, hold a current certificate issued by the National Board for Certification of Occupational Therapy, and may or may not be working in another state. In addition to the above requirements, you are required to submit A Verification of Certification from NBCOT and verification documentation from each state in which you hold or have held a license.

Licensure by Reciprocity is used by those that hold a current or unrestricted credential as an occupational therapy practitioner in another state but do not have an NBCOT certification.  In addition to the above requirements, you must request the licensing agency in each state in which you hold a current credential send the BOTP information and a copy of the state statute or administrative rule that was in effect at the time you credential was first issued and that describes the state qualification for your credential.  

With all license types, if you are working or have worked in another state or jurisdiction, evidence of unrestricted license will be required.

A word about Criminal Background Checks:

The Board recommends you submit your fingerprints to the Criminal Background Check Program as soon as possible after you submit your application to avoid potential delays in the application process. Please contact the Criminal Background Check Program for any questions regarding scheduling or the fingerprinting process.

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