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Temporary License Renewals


It is the temporary license holder's responsibility to ensure they do not continue to practice following expiration of their temporary license, to ensure they monitor time remaining on their temporary license, and to apply for renewal of the temporary license (if qualified) in a timely fashion. All temporary licenses are renewable one time with justification and barring any disciplinary action or disqualification based upon Minnesota Statute §148.6448 subd. 1.

Methods of Licensing

New Graduates: 
License will renew for an additional six (6) month period (for a maximum of one year of temporary licensure) if the examination requirement has not been met.
Another State (or NBCOT Certification):
License will renew for an additional ninety (90) days if they are able to demonstrate good cause for failure to meet the requirements for licensure based upon Minnesota Statute. 

To request renewal, mail the following to the Board office:

  • The completed Temporary License Renewal Form located above and;
  • Temporary license renewal fee payable to the Minnesota Board of Occupational Therapy Practice

Ensure delivery of required documentation and fees to the Board office no less than ten (10) business days prior to the temporary license expiration. After the Board receives ALL necessary documents, allow five (5) to ten (10) business days for review of your renewal request. If your renewal is approved, you will receive correspondence via mail and your license will appear on the License Look Up tool.

It is your responsibility to ensure your temporary license is in effect before you resume/continue practice.

If you require an alternate format (i.e., large print), please call 1-800-627-3529.

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