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Board Disciplinary Actions

148.6448 Outlines the grounds for denial of licensure or discipline, investigation procedures, disciplinary actions.  See Subd. 1 for Grounds for Denial of licensure or discipline.
Subd. 2. Investigation of Complaints:
The board may initiate an investigation upon receiving a complaint or other oral or written communication that alleges or implies that a person has violated sections 148.6401 to148.6449. In the receipt, investigation, and hearing of a complaint that alleges or implies a person has violated sections 148.6401 to 148.6449, the board shall follow the procedures in section 214.10.
Subd. 3. Disciplinary Actions:
If the board finds that an occupational therapist or occupational therapy assistant should be disciplined according to subdivision 1, the board may take any one or more of the following actions:
  • Refuse to grant (or deny) licensure
  • Approve licensure with conditions
  • Revoke Licensure
  • Suspend Licensure
  • Licensure Denial
  • Any reasonable lesser action including, but not limited to, reprimand or restriction on licensure
  • Any action authorized by statute
Subd. 4. Effect of specific disciplinary action on use of Title:
Upon notice from the board denying licensure renewal or upon notice that disciplinary actions have been imposed and the person is no longer entitled to practice occupational therapy and use the occupational therapy and licensed titles, the person shall cease to practice occupational therapy, to use titles protected by sections 148.6401 to 148.6449, and to represent to the public that the person is licensed by the board.
Subd. 5.  Reinstatement requirements after disciplinary action:
A person who has had licensure suspended may request and provide justification for reinstatement following the period of suspension specified by the board. The requirements of sections 148.6423 and 148.6425 for renewing licensure and any other conditions imposed with the suspension must be met before licensure may be reinstated.
Subd. 6. Authority To Contract:
The board shall contract with the health professionals services program as authorized by sections 214.31 to 214.37 to provide these services to practitioners under this chapter. The health professionals services program does not affect the board's authority to discipline violations of sections148.6401 to 148.6449.
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