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Obtaining a School Nurse License

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To become a licensed school nurse in Minnesota requires a two-step process. Prior to applying to the Board of Teaching for a school nurse license, a nurse must be registered with the Minnesota Board of Nursing as a public health nurse (PHN). A PHN is not required to have a school nurse license if the nurse is not working in a school setting.

School Nurse Licensure

To be a licensed school nurse (LSN) in Minnesota, a nurse must obtain a school nurse license issued by the Minnesota Board of Teaching. The Board of Teaching requires submission of the nurses PHN registration as part of the application process for a school nurse license. Application for a school nurse license may be made to the Board of Teaching at:

The license is required according to Minnesota Statutes sections 122A.15 and 122A.18:


Minnesota Rules Part 8710.6100 ( describes the Board of Teachings requirements for licensure as a school nurse. The requirements are:

  1. Hold a baccalaureate degree in nursing from a regionally accredited college or university;

  2. Be currently registered in Minnesota to practice as a licensed registered nurse under the Board of Nursing; and

  3. Be currently registered in Minnesota as a public health nurse under the Board of Nursing.

Registration as a Public Health Nurse

The requirements for registration as a PHN are found in Minnesota Rules Chapter 6316 and include the following:

  • Must be licensed and currently registered to practice professional (registered) nursing in Minnesota.

  • Must have a baccalaureate or higher degree with a major in nursing. The applicants course work must have included theory and clinical practice in public health nursing. The theory portion of the public health nursing education must have been at least 30 hours in length. The PHN nursing content in a hospital diploma or associate degree program does not qualify.

More Information

The Public Health Nurse Registration page on the Board of Nursing website for information on the relevant law and additional rules about PHN registration or to access forms to apply for registration as a PHN.

For questions about . . .

  • PHN registration - contactthe Board of Nursing at (612) 317-3000.

  • School nurse licensure
    contact the Board of Teaching at (651) 582-8833 or
    contact the Board of Nursing at (612) 317-3000.

  • Nursing practice - contact the Board of Nursing at (612) 317-3000.

The Minnesota Department of Health has a School Health Consultant available to the public and school personnel to assist with school health issues at (651) 201-3631.

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