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Renew Your License

The Minnesota Board of Examiners for Nursing Home Administrators (BENHA) issues licenses annually for the year running from July 1 to June 30. To remain continuously licensed you must meet continuing education requirements and renew your license annually by June 30.  Licensees can renew online each year from May 1 to June 30. Renewals received after June 30 are considered late and are subject to a late fee.  Annual CEU requirements are 20 hours for all licensees who have renewed before. New licensee (individuals who have received their license after July 1 and before June 30) will have a prorated amount of CEU hours and can begin acquiring CE hours beginning the issue date of their license.

  • All Minnesota Nursing Home Administrator licenses expire on June 30 each year. 
  • Login is available only to current licensees. If you have problems logging in or need to become reinstated, please contact Board staff.

Preparing for Renewal

Online renewal for LNHAs in Minnesota is available from May 1 to June 30 each year. 

There are things you can do to prepare for renewal before May 1.

1. Remember to log in to verify your mailing address (and other contact info) is correct to assure you receive all licensure related correspondences. Current licenses (even if you have recently become licensed) expire June 30 each year. Trouble accessing your account? No problem - Forgot Username/Password

2. Review and prepare your CEU credits. Questions about CE hours? Visit the Continuing Education for Licensees FAQs page!

3. The office appreciates prompt, online renewal as soon as possible within the renewal period. To prepare you for the process, we have created a set of Online Renewal Instructions. If you do not plan to renew your license this year, please review the Reinstatement Rules and contact the office by email or submit the form in the previous link.

Renewal Fees

Current licenses expire on June 30 each year. has must renew their license before July 1 to assure they have a current license on that date. The fee for a renewal is $225. Renewing before June 30 assures that the $50 late fee is not assessed, and for LNHAs who are administrators of record in Minnesota skilled facilities, this means avoidance of any ramifications regarding compliance issues resulting from unlicensed practice. Fees for reactivation of an inactive license vary.

Late Renewals

Online renewals are available online from May 1st to June 30th. Late renewals may be processed by requesting the paper form from the office and submitting a check or money order for $250 to the Board office before the October Board meeting.

To renew between May 1 and June 30:

  1. Log-in to your online user account (I forgot my username/password)
  2. Select the renewal option in your user account
  3. Have your CE certificates and method of payment (VISA or Mastercard/credit or debit) ready
  4. Complete the online renewal process


Questions about CE hours? Visit the Continuing Education for Licensees FAQs page!

If you do not plan to renew your license this year, please review the Reinstatement Rules and follow the first link to download the form. It may be submitted with your response by mail, fax or email to the board office.

If you do not receive your license within a week of submitting your renewal and have not received an email from Board staff regarding a CE audit or other issue, contact the board office.

Annual Continuing Education Requirement

Licensees must earn 20 hours of continuing education annually, May 1-April 30. Later CE sessions are accepted, but you cannot use a course for renewal next year if you use it this year.

Newly Licensed Administrators requiring fewer than 20 CE Clock Hours

  • To renew online, you must enter a minimum of 20 hours in the Continuing Education table. Enter the actual number of CE hours earned SINCE your initial licensure date, then enter one record for remaining hours using your initial licensure date. The letter sent with your initial license indicates your licensure date and the number of CE clock hours required to be earned (pro-rated to 0, 5, 10, 15). Those licensed in July must earn the full 20 hours.
  • Type New Licensee under Organization and subtract your required/earned CE for the partial year from 20 and record that number in the clock hours field. The total CE required is outlined on page two of your initial licensure letter.

Online Renewal Services are available through June 30th. The paper renewal form is posted through the October Board Meeting. Applications submitted later than June 30 are subject to the renewal fee and a late fee of $50. For renewals after June 30, 2015, please print the renewal form, complete all fields, and submit the form, copies of all CE certificates, and the proper fee ($250) to the Board office. If renewal is not achieved before the October Board meeting, you must contact the office for a reinstatement form. Please send copies of CE Certificates with all paper renewals after May 31 through October Board Meeting.

If you do not plan to renew your license this year, please follow the link and download the form. It may be submitted with your response by mail, fax or email to the board office.

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