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Option B: Applicant with Experience

This option is typically for individuals with a bachelor's degree in a related field who require only a portion of the required courses or are eligible for a reduction or waiver of practicum hours due to experience. Courses not currently approved (see the list of Minnesota and NAB accredited programs to search for your school) must be reviewed and approved by the board through the Course Review process, submitted prior to the application or in conjunction with the application for licensure.

Individuals who would like to seek board review and approval of previous academic courses must identify and submit previously completed courses they believe meet the listed academic requirement by downloading and submitting the Academic Course Review and Experience Waiver Request or completing the form in conjunction with the Option B licensure application. Candidates do not need to complete the exact course(s) indicated on the pre-approved programs list but must provide clear evidence that a similar course covers the essential subject material as found in Minnesota Rules 6400.6500 for each course submitted for review.

Candidates with Education obtained over seven years prior to submitting the review or licensure application must supplement the content submitted with the experience that demonstrates continued competency (continuing education, work experience, etc.).

This option allows candidates to provide clear evidence that they have completed academic courses that substantially meet the Minnesota course requirements obtained through non-Minnesota approved programs.


To complete the request for education and experience review prior to applying for licensure:

  1. Download the Review of Education and Experience form--Note: it is important to review this form thoroughly prior to submission 
  2. Gather the following to submit with your application:
  • Transcript showing at minimum a Bachelors's Degree.
  • Course descriptions/syllabi for each academic course submitted on the review.
  • If your education was completed over 7 years ago, submit the following:  
    --Copies of continuing education certificates or work experience
  • If you are requesting a reduction or waiver of practicum, submit:  
    --Resume (since college)  
    --Employment verification, organizational chart, and position description from your most recent employer

After the submitted materials are reviewed and the board has made a determination, the review finding will be sent via email to the requester. In some circumstances, the requester of the review may need to take the additional courses that meet the eight-course requirements identified as Minnesota core knowledge subjects and/or complete a practicum course through a pre-approved, accredited institution.

It is important to know:

  • The review application fee is $75
  • The review application is open for 12 months from the date received by our office
  • An applicant must apply (by paper) for licensure within that 12-month window to be eligible for the reduced licensure application rate ($75)
  • When submitted, the application for licensure is open for 18 months (a year and a half)
  • Upon receipt of the application, information to sit for the state and national examinations will be provided to you.
  • The Board office communicates with applicants primarily by email
  • We update applicants when new supporting documents are received


After reductions and waivers have been determined, submit an application. Complete the following steps:

  1. Download the application. If the review was completed over 12 months from the date of the application, or a review of education and experience has yet to be made, an online application can be completed.
  2. Order an official transcript from the registrar's office at your college(s) to be sent directly to the board. The transcript must 1) verify a minimum of a Bachelors's degree 2) confirm the completion of all required LTC courses or review determined equivalents; 3) completion of the practicum.
  3. Submit a resume showing employment history for the past 10 years, plus all employment at a nursing facility.
  4. All applicants must pass both the NAB and State Exams in order to be eligible for a permanent license in Minnesota 

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