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Option A: New Graduates

This option is typically for new graduates recently awarded a bachelor's degree which meets the course requirements from a NAB or Minnesota accredited college.

To apply, complete the following steps

  • Apply online with a credit or debit card
  • Request a completed transcript sent directly from the college registrars office (provide a student copy if currently enrolled in program awaiting graduation). Courses completed more than seven years ago must be supplemented by recent work experience and/or continuing education in the subject area. Further documentation, if required, will be requested by the Board office.
  • Submit a resume showing your employment history for the past ten years plus all employment (regardless of age) at any nursing facility. Include your practicum site and preceptor on your resume
  • Complete the criminal background check through the CBC office
  • All applicants must pass both the NAB and State Exams.

Acknowledgment of the receipt of your initial application with examination information will occur within 5 working days.

  • The Board office communicates with applicants primarily by email
  • We update applicants when new supporting documents are received

Links and FAQs

Apply for Licensure Online with a credit or debit card

Email BENHA to Request a Paper Application

FAQs About Licensure


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