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Option A: New Graduates

What you must do to apply if you are a new graduate from a NAB or Minnesota approved program:

  • Register and apply online  ($183.25)
    • Pay the $150 fee to open a file with the board 
    • Pay the $33.25 fee for a criminal background check – due at time of application

You must pay the application and background check fees before you are considered an active applicant
DO NOT send verification information to the Board office before you apply

After you pay the application and criminal background check fees:
  • Verify your education by ordering an official transcript
    • Request a completed/official transcript directly from the college registrars office
    • Completed transcripts show both grades for each course and your earned degree (bachelors or higher)
    • Transcripts that do not have grades or degrees listed are not complete
    • Student-submitted transcripts are not official unless they are received sealed and issued from the college
  • Email resume to 
    • Please turn word documents into PDF documents before you email
  • Complete the criminal background check through the CBC office

You should know:

  • You are required to understand the state laws and rules that govern your profession
  • The Board office will email you within 7 weekdays of your application 
  • The Board office uses email to connect with applicants
  • The Board will email you when new supporting documents are received and validated
  • You may view the progress of your application 24/7 by logging in to your online account

After you apply, you will be supplied with the following by email:

  • Applicant instructions
  • Application for the state exam 
    • additional $100 fee applies per exam attempt
  • NAB Applicant Handbook and exam enrollment information 
    • You must be an applicant in MN before you will be approved for the NHA Line of Service and CORE exams
    • An additional $425 fee applies per exam attempt
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