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Complaint Information

If you are experiencing a problem with care provided in a Minnesota nursing home or assisted living facility, your first concern is probably how to get the problem resolved for the well-being of the resident. Beyond that, if the problem is serious, likely to affect many people and/or is not effectively dealt with by those responsible, you may want to lodge a formal complaint against those you feel are responsible for the problem. Here's the approach recommended by our board.

If a problem affecting an individual or group of residents cannot be resolved with staff, you may want on behalf of an affected individual or group of residents to contact the Office of Ombudsman for Older Minnesotans. This is an advocacy agency with ten regional offices around the state that negotiate and/or mediate disputes between residents or their families and the management of nursing homes to bring about positive change for residents. If the nursing home resident resides in the metro area, call 612-854-7360. If the nursing home resident resides outside the metro area, call 1-800-657-3591.

To begin the complaint review process, the Board requires a written statement of the complaint. Legally, you are not required to supply any information to the Board, however, if we do not receive your complaint in writing or if you refuse to sign the complaint, our Standards of Practice Committee will not take action to resolve it. If we do not receive your address, we will be unable to inform you of the results of your complaint. All information provided, in your complaint, in any response from the administrator, and obtained in any investigation authorized by the Board, will be evaluated to determine whether the matter is one which, under law, justifies the Boards initiation of disciplinary action against the administrator.

Additional Places to Look for Help

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