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BENHA Statutes

Minnesota Statutes - Board of Examiners for Administrators

Chapter 144A.04-.1888 Nursing Homes and Home Care

144A.04   Qualifications for License
144A.05   License Renewal
144A.06   Transfer of Interests
144A.07   Fees
144A.071   Moratorium on Certification of Nursing Home Beds
144A.073   Exceptions to Moratorium; Review
144A.08   Physical Standards; Penalty
144A.09   Facilities Excluded
144A.10   Inspection; Commissioner of Health; Fines
144A.101   Procedures for Federally Required Survey Process
144A.102   Waiver from Federal Rules and Regulations; Penalties
144A.105   Suspension of Admissions
144A.11   License Suspension or Revocation; Hearing; Relicensing
144A.115   Violations; Penalties
144A.12   Injunctive Relief; Subpoenas
144A.13   Complaints; Resident's Rights
144A.135   Transfer and Discharge Appeals
144A.14   Voluntary Receivership
144A.15   Involuntary Receivership
144A.154   Rate Recommendation
144A.155   Placement of Monitor
144A.161   Nursing Home and Boarding Care Home Resident Relocation
144A.162   Transfer of Residents Within Facilities
144A.17 Repealed, 1983 c 260 s 68
144A.18   Administrator's Licenses; Penalty
144A.1888   Reuse of Facilities


144A.19   Board of Examiners for Administrators
144A.20   Administrator Qualifications
144A.21   Administrator Licenses
144A.22   Organization of Board
144A.23   Jurisdiction of Board
144A.24   Duties of the Board
144A.251   Mandatory Proceedings
144A.2511   Costs; Penalties
144A.252   Immunity
144A.26   Reciprocity with Other States
144A.27   Acting Administrators
144A.28   Severability

Chapter 144D. Housing with Services Establishment

144D.001 S 2006 Renumbered 15.001
144D.01   Definitions
144D.015   Definition for Purposes of Long-Term Care Insurance
144D.02   Registration Required
144D.025   Optional Registration
144D.03   Registration
144D.04   Housing with Services Contracts
144D.045   Information Concerning Arranged Home Care Providers
144D.05   Authority of Commissioner
144D.06   Other Laws
144D.065   Training in Dementia Care Required
144D.07   Restraints

Chapter 145B. Living Will

145B.01   Citation
145B.011   Application of Chapter
145B.02   Definitions
145B.03   Living Will
145B.04   Suggested Form
145B.05   When Operative
145B.06   Compliance with Living Will
145B.07   Transfer of Care
145B.08   Access to Medical Information by Proxy
145B.09   Revocation
145B.10 Repealed, 1993 c 312 s 17
145B.105   Penalties
145B.11   Effect on Insurance
145B.12   What If There is No Living Will or Proxy?
145B.13   Reasonable Medical Practice Required
145B.14   Certain Practices Not Condoned
145B.15   Recognition of Previously Executed Living Will
145B.16   Recognition of Document Executed in Another State
145B.17   Existing Rights

Chapter 145C. Health Care Directives

145C.01   Definitions
145C.02   Health Care Directive
145C.03   Requirements
145C.04   Executed in Another State
145C.05   Suggested Form; Provisions That May Be Included
145C.06   When Effective
145C.07   Authority and Duties of Health Care Agent
145C.08   Authority to Review Medical Records
145C.09   Revocation of Health Care Directive
145C.10   Presumptions
145C.11   Immunities
145C.12   Prohibited Practices
145C.13   Penalties
145C.14   Certain Practices Not Condoned
145C.15   Duty to Provide Life-Sustaining Health Care
145C.16   Suggested Form

Chapter 626.52-.5573 Reporting

626.52   Reporting Suspicious Wounds by Health Professionals
626.53   Report by Telephone and Letter
626.54   Application of Sections 626.52 to 626.55
626.55   Penalty
626.553   Gunshot Wounds; Peace Officers, Discharging Firearms; Investigations; Reports
626.5531   Reporting of Crimes Motivated by Bias
626.5532   Pursuit of Fleeing Suspects by Peace Officers
626.5533   Reporting Potential Welfare Fraud
626.554 Repealed, 1975 c 221 s 2
626.555 Repealed, 1980 c 542 s 2
626.5551 Subdivisions renumbered, repealed, or no longer in effect
626.5552 Never effective, 2000 c 401 s 5
626.556   Reporting of Maltreatment of Minors
626.5561   Reporting of Prenatal Exposure to Controlled Substances
626.5562   Toxicology Tests Required
626.5563 Repealed, 2007 c 69 s 5
626.5565 Repealed, 2001 c 178 art 1 s 43
626.557   Reporting of Maltreatment of Vulnerable Adults
626.5571   Multidisciplinary Adult Protection Team
626.5572   Definitions
626.5573   Negligence Actions

Chapter 326.55 and 326.56 Members of Armed Forces

326.55 Non-Payment of Licensure Fees

326.56 Licenses, Certificates of Registration; Renewals

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