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Health Services Executive

NAB is introducing a new broad-based qualification, offered as the Health Services Executive (HSE) qualification . The HSE is designed to facilitate cross jurisdictional licensure mobility and multiple line of service licensure qualification. The HSE qualification will be awarded to long term care professionals who have demonstrated through a combination of education, experience and examination the entry level competencies to meet licensure requirements in all three lines of service (NHA, RC/AL and HCBS). Detailed information about application and qualification for the HSE can be found on the NAB website at .

States that adopt the NAB HSE qualification will recognize NAB HSE qualified candidates as meeting their state licensure requirements in state specific required categories (NHA, RC/AL and/or HCBS) of licensure with minimal additional requirements (i.e., criminal background checks and state law exams as required by the state). Candidates for the Health Services Executive qualification must first register and apply for the HSE through NABVerify at and be NAB HSE qualified prior to applying to your state board for licensure. State boards do not accept application for the HSE qualification. Upon NAB approval, the HSE applicant will be approved by NAB to take the required Line of Service Examination(s) to achieve the HSE qualification. Upon qualification, you may apply directly to your state board for licensure, and NAB will transfer your HSE file to your state licensure board or agency.

Minnesota has not yet adopted HSE, but supports the proposal from NAB. BENHA has approved legislative language and intends to pursue the statutory change in the 2018 legislative session. Please refer to NAB's proposal regarding HSE licensure , and continue to monitor the Minnesota BENHA website for further details regarding legislation.

See the NAB Candidate Handbook for further information about the Health Services Executive (HSE) Qualification.

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