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Endorsement Requirements

Bachelor's Degree

Minnesota requires a bachelor's degree for licensure whether you apply for initial license in Minnesota or already have a license in another state and may have practiced for many years. The only exception is for persons who hold current certification as a nursing home administrator from the American College.

Experience As An Administrator In Another State for 2 of Last 5 Years

Minnesota will waive its requirement for completion of academic courses in 9 specified areas for persons who hold licenses in other states who can show that they have actively and effectively practiced as an administrator in one or more nursing facilities within a single jurisdiction (state) for two continuous years within the immediate past five years. To show that their experience has been effective, applicants for experience credit must submit copies of the two most recent regulatory surveys of nursing facilities they have administered.

ACHCA Certification as a Nursing Home Administrator

A person who holds a current NHA license in another state and holds current certification as a NHA from the American College of Health Care Administrators may also have the course requirements waived. Information about eligibility requirements to obtain certification can be found on the ACHCA web site.
Persons licensed in other states who do not meet the above requirements should review the Requirements for Initial Licensure.

NAB Exam

Minnesota will accept passing NAB scores from any other state and from an administration of the exam at any time, provided that the applicant has remained continuously licensed as an administrator since completing the exam. Minnesota will also accept PES exam scores under the same conditions. If an applicant has had a lapse of licensure (in any/all states combined) for 2 years or more since being initially licensed, the applicant will be required to retake the NAB exam.

Minnesota State Exam

Minnesota requires all applicants to pass the state rules exam. This is a 34-item, multiple choice, open book exam testing the candidate's ability to read and interpret Minnesota Statutes and Rules pertaining to operation of a nursing home in Minnesota. The exam is offered at the Board Office in Minneapolis.The Statutes and Rules books may be obtained at Minnesota's Bookstore.
An application for the state exam will be sent after your licensure application has been received in our office.

Good Standing

Applicants who meet these requirements are encouraged to complete and submit an application for licensure.
Minnesota must receive information from every state in which the applicant is or has ever been licensed as an administrator showing when and how long the applicant was licensed in that state and whether any disciplinary action was ever taken against the applicant's license.

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