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Disciplinary Action

To view the list of the Board's disciplinary actions and/or corrective agreements, please click "Action List". Note that this action list doesn't contain any action about deceased physicians. The list is updated about 2 weeks after each Board meeting.

For each individual providers disciplinary and/or corrective action(s), please use the Boards "Professional Profile" website to search. You can view the original full public document(s) about Physicians, Physician Assistants, Acupuncturists, Athletic Trainers, Naturopathic Doctors, Respiratory Therapists, Telemedicine and Traditional Midwifes.

Disciplinary Actions Taken September 14, 2019

Actions related to:  
Bryan John Bergh, M.D. 
Joshua Edmund Dumas, R.T.
Herbert William Jones, M.D.
Dr. Stanislav Kruglikov
Charles Robert Meyer, M.D.
Myron Brook Redd, M.D.
Milton Baxter Ropes, D.O.
Matthew Morris Schaar, M.D.
Daniel A.P. Smith, M.D.
Brian Douglas Wooton, D.O.

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