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LMFT State Licensure Examination

Effective July 1, 2020, the MN LMFT State examination will be offered only as a written examination administered at the Board office (335 Randolph Avenue, St. Paul, MN  55102)  Appropriate COVID-19 safety protocols will be followed and are detailed in the exam scheduling notice sent to approved applicants.

MN LMFT State Examination reference sheet

Upon approval of the Application for LMFT Licensure, the applicant will receive email notification of their scheduled MN LMFT State Examination date (sent approximately one week after application approval). Exams will be scheduled within 90 days of application approval.  All MN LMFT State Exams are closed to the public. Applicants are notified of the exam result (PASS/FAIL) by email one week after the exam date.  Those passing the exam will be required to pay a prorated LMFT license fee for licensure through December 31 of the current year.  Those not passing will select the date on which they will retake the exam (typically three months after the initial exam date).

All Exams are typically scheduled in the morning.  Additional exam dates may be added or exam dates cancelled, based on scheduling needs.  Exams are held at the MN Board of Marriage & Family Therapy office.

Upcoming MN LMFT State Examination dates:     (Note: Schedule may change due to factors beyond Board control.)

  • June 12, 2024
  • June 18, 2024
  • July 17, 2024
  • July 23, 2024
  • August 13, 2024
  • August 21, 2024
  • September 11, 2024
  • September 17, 2024
  • October 15, 2024
  • October 23, 2024
  • November 13, 2024
  • November 19, 2024
  • December 11, 2024
  • December 17, 2024
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