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Renewal of license.

A licensee shall submit a renewal application and fee to the board, postmarked no later than November 30 of each year. A licensee may indicate on the application to voluntarily terminate the license.

A licensee who has not renewed the license by November 30 will be notified by December 30. The letter will sent to the last known board address of the licensee and state the renewal is overdue and failure to pay the current fee and late fee by January 30 will result in termination of the license. A second notice will be sent to each licensee who has not paid the renewal fee and late fee seven days before the first board meeting to occur after January 30. This notice will state that board action will be taken to terminate the license.

The board will terminate the license of a licensee whose renewal has not been received by January 30. Failure of a licensee to receive notification because of the licensee's failure to provide the board with a current mailing address is not grounds for later challenge of the termination.

Continuing Education Requirements

Each person licensed to practice dietetics and nutrition in this state shall, as a prerequisite for the continued renewal of the person's license, obtain a minimum of 45 continuing education units every three years by participating in board-approved continuing education programs.

Name and address change.

We need validation of your marriage certificate or divorce decree. Merely copy the document and fax, scan and email, or mail the copy to the Board office. There is no fee for this service. Your name will be updated in the database. During renewals, the board staff will update your renewal certificate with the name change. It is best to send in the name change documents first and then renew online once the name change has occurred in the database. The name change occurs on the website the following day for the public licensee search.

Your address can instantly be changed, just click here for Online Services.

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