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Additional Complaint Resources

If you would like to look into additional resources on your concern, outside of the Board complaint process, please review these additional resources:

Dentist/Dental Professional

  1. Contact the dentist from whom (and/or the practice) where you received treatment, to express your concerns and interest in resolving the matter together.

State of Minnesota Resources:


Minnesota Dental Association

       5.  MDA Peer Review
If your dentist is a member of the Minnesota Dental Association (MDA), its Peer Review process is available to you.  Peer Review is a formal process that deals with disputes about clinical services provided.  Your complaint is reviewed, researched and resolved by a group of your dentist's peers.  For a referral to the Peer Review Committee in your area, call the MDA at (800) 950-3368.  Most Minnesota dentists (77%) are MDA members, and all members agree to abide by the decision of the Peer Review Committee.
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