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Self Assessment

Completion of this self-assessment is a required part of your professional development portfolio. You are expected to place the completed assessment in your portfolio. In the event you are audited, the Board will review this document to ensure that it has been completed.

The questions contained in this self-assessment reflect real situations/issues as observed by the Board through the complaint process. The objective is to educate dental professionals in order to prevent adverse situations from happening, thereby protecting the public. It is appropriate to complete this self-assessment either on an individual basis or in a group setting such as at a staff meeting or study group.

If you have answered any of the questions incorrectly, it is strongly recommended that you research the sources referenced, and/or attend an educational course in relation to the subject area. The information and resources provided within this assessment are not all inclusive. You must familiarize yourself with the current CDC guidelines and the Minnesota rules relating to infection control and record keeping. Please review the list of resources, web sites and phone numbers at the end of this document. Feel free to copy the flowcharts contained within the document and use them in your office as a reference source.

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