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The Minnesota Board of Dentistry understands that educating the public about infection control in dentistry is an important part of our mission in ensuring that all Minnesotans receive safe and quality dental care.
Our requirements include compliance with the 2003 CDC Guidelines for Infection Control in Dental Healthcare Settings.  Here is a summary of the requirements.
What action should you take if you see an infection control concern in a dental practice or other facility providing dental treatment?
  • Verbally address your concern immediately with the dentist and/or allied dental staff
  • Report your concern to the dental office manager and/or infection control coordinator
  • Ask questions about your concern and feel confident in the responses you receive
  • If you do not feel comfortable addressing your concerns verbally, consider writing a letter to the dentist
  • Here are the Minnesota Board of Dentistry infection control requirements.
If you feel that your concern was not adequately addressed or that the public health and safety is being compromised, please check out our REPORTING INFECTION CONTROL CONCERNS page.
Other resources:  Five Questions to Ask Your Dentist About Infection Control 
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