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Restorative Functions Board Approved Course Guidelines


Instructor Requirements 

  1. Trainers of educators must have taught these procedures in an accredited dental education program.
  2. Allied Restorative Functions Educators must have completed a course taught by trainers
  3. Supervising dentist is present in the lab and clinic while the procedures are being performed
  4. A contract between the school and an outside clinic is utilized.
    1. A contract must be utilized between the school and the schools outside-instructing-staff for continuity/consistency of instruction, evaluation requirements and communication with the schools course instructors.
    2. The contract stresses personal supervision. Both the dentist and student sign the contract.
    3. The instructors do a final evaluation.  

Admission Requirements

  1. Qualifications for participants include:
    1. Licensed Dental Assistant
    2. Licensed Dental Hygienist
    3. Current student in an accredited hygiene program
  2. Qualifications for School/course:
    1. The course shall be provided by an CODA accredited school  

Curriculum Components

  1. The restorative procedures include:
    1. Place, contour, and adjust amalgam restorations 
    2. Place, contour, and adjust glass ionomer
    3. Adapt and cement stainless steel crowns
    4. Place, contour, and adjust Class I, II, and V supragingival composite restorations on primary and permanent dentition. 
  2. The course contains three sections: 1) Didactic; 2) Pre-clinical/Laboratory; and 3) Clinical:
    1. There are two testings for demonstration of competency
      1. After completion of didactic and laboratory/preclinic
      2. Final Clinical Test
    2. The participant can go no longer than a year between sections, and/or must prove competence upon entrance to each section.
    3. The participant must complete clinical and the final exam within one year. If more time is needed, then an extension request must be submitted to the Board of Dentistry and school. See Extension Request listed below.   
    4. Pre-clinical or Laboratory - the numbers below are guidelines as to how many teeth are required to obtain competency; the main criteria is the student must prove competency in primary as well as permanent dentition. Competency is determined by the instructing staff.

                           i.        Amalgam

·         Class I, II, V 

·         12 – primary teeth

·         28 – permanent teeth

                          ii.        Glass Ionomer

·         Class I, II, V

·         10 – primary teeth

·         16 – permanent teeth

                         iii.        SS Crowns

·         No specific number of teeth indicated to obtain competency


iv.      Composite

·   Class I, II, V

·    6 – primary teeth

·    18 - permanent teeth


e.     Clinical requirements must include a minimum of 20 patient experiences, which involves primary and permanent dentition.  Course participants must complete the restorations below to an acceptable level of competency prior to requesting the final clinical exam:

                                     i.        Amalgam

·         Class I, II, V

                                    ii.        Glass Ionomer

·         Class I, II, V

                                   iii.        SS Crowns

iv.    Composite

·         Class I, II, V

3.     Must include a component that sufficiently prepares the student to adjust the occlusion on the newly placed restorations.

4.     A Dentist (Dental Therapist/Advanced Dental Therapist) does the prepping of the tooth that is to receive the restorative material.   

Registration Requirements of School and Participant

1.     The school shall send a course syllabus to the Board of Dentistry.

2.     The school shall submit a list of course participants to the Board of Dentistry.

3.     The school shall request from the Board of Dentistry the required Restorative Function Registration Form for the student to fill out upon completion of the course requirements.

4.     The student shall submit to the Board office the required Board of Dentistry Restorative Function Form.

5.     The student shall submit to the Board of Dentistry a certificate of completion.

6.     The Board of Dentistry shall send recognition of completion to the student.

7.     Upon completion of training and registering, the credential RF shall be utilized.

Time Involvement

Education will dictate time involved. Completion depends on how fast the student completes and passes all the evaluation requirements of the course and patient experiences.

Extension Requests

The Course provider will decide on the request validity and monitor. The clinical and competency requirements must be completed within one year and only upon approved demonstrated circumstances to the course provider will one extension of six months be granted.


Restorative Programs 

University of Minnesota    
School of Dentistry - CE Department     
Phone: 612-625-1418

Metropolitan State University    
700 East Seventh Street    
St. Paul, MN  55106-5000    
Phone: 651-793-1302

Northwest Technical College 
905 Grant Avenue SE   
Bemidji, MN 56601   
(218) 333-6658 

Rev. 5/03/18

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