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Online Pre-Application Process

The purpose of the online pre-application process is to get a head start on your license application by paying the fees and beginning the criminal background check process. You will still need to complete and submit a paper application to the Board once you have all of your exams completed and your documentation ready. You can find the full paper applications hereDo not start this process unless you are certain that you want a Minnesota dental license, because the fees charged are nonrefundable. Do not use this portal if you want to reinstate your license.  

You will NOT be able to back out and restart the pre-application process once you have started. Please do not start this process if you do not have the sufficient time to complete it. If you do get locked out, please contact the board and request your pre-application number. 
Prior Needs:
  • Have an active Visa, MasterCard or Discover credit card
  • Be prepared to fill out a background check
Attention New Applicants:
The Board of Dentistry will not issue a license to applicants who refuse to consent to a criminal background check or who do not submit fingerprints within 90 days after submission of application fees. If you do not submit fingerprints within the 90 days, any fees already paid will be forfeited and you will have to pay the CBC fee again. 
Click here to start the Online Pre-Application Process
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