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Foreign Documents

The purpose of this credentialing process is to verify the authenticity and US equivalency of foreign education and related documents.

Any documents which originated outside of the United States, such as high school diplomas and cosmetology training transcripts, must be formally evaluated by a credentialing service, Aequo International, prior to submitting an application the BCE.  At this time, Aequo International is the only BCE approved provider for foreign document evaluations; evaluations performed by other providers will not be accepted.

The BCE encourages applicants to submit any relevant foreign documentation to Aequo International for evaluation at the start of cosmetology school training.  The evaluation time frame can be extensive, and starting the process at the beginning of training will help to avoid a delay after graduation and upon application for licensure.

Steps to Complete the Aequo Process

Applicants with training and/or work experience in another country who have not been licensed in another state must apply to a BCE licensed school as a transfer student for an evaluation of training, school records, and work experience prior to submitting a license application to the BCE office. Any records from another country, including records in English, must first be evaluated by Aequo International at the student's or school's expense.

Please contact Aequo International with any questions related to the evaluation application or process by calling 844.882.3786 or by emailing
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