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Amendments to Licensing & Practice Requirements; RD 4552:
The proposed rules were approved by the Board at the October meeting, and are now under review by the Governor’s Office and the Office of Administrative Hearings. If the rules are approved, they will likely go into effect in early 2020.

Draft Rules
Notice of Intent to Adopt Rules With or Without a Hearing
SONAR (Statement of Need and Reasonableness)

Overhaul of School Rules: RD4456:
The Board is requesting comments and suggestions on updating Minnesota Rules, Chapter 2110 regarding schools, instructors, and school managers. The Board is also seeking applicants to serve on the Advisory Committee on School Rules to assist in the review of current rules and in the development of new or amended rules.

Request for Comments (comments due by December 6, 2019)
Advisory Committee Application (due by December 6, 2019)
Charter for Advisory Committee on School Rules

The updating of Rules Chapter 2110 on school rules is in the beginning stages and expected to be completed in 2022.

Current Rule Docket:
The Public Rule Docket lists the status of pending rulemaking activities.
Completed Rule Changes:
Rulemaking records are available on the Revisor's Rule Status database at
Electronic Rulemaking Mailing List:
To add your name to the email list for updates on the Board's rulemaking activities, please email with "Rulemaking" in the subject line.  Interested parties on the list will be notified of upcoming rulemaking efforts of the Board.

Questions about rulemaking can be directed to Rebecca Gaspard at or 651-308-2774.
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