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Animal Chiropractic Renewal

The online Animal Chiropractic renewal becomes available on or around November 15 and remains open through midnight on December 31.  Your registration status does not change during this time period.  You must complete your renewal with a form and fee to maintain your current status. 

JANUARY 1 to the last day of FEBRUARY: EXPIRED 
Any non-renewed Animal Chiropractic registrations after December 31 will be expired; and animal chiropractic services may not be offered until the renewal is complete.  A late renewal may be completed in the online renewal system up to the last day of February; however applicable late penalties may be assessed for late renewals.  

Any non-renewed Animal Chiropractic registrations after the last day of February will be cancelled, and though there is currently no late fee, will be required to re-apply with an Initial Application.  Animal Chiropractic services may not be provided until the new registration is active. 

You are encouraged to renew early as "system glitches" or "technical difficulties" can occasionally occur, but will not be a defense against any late penalties 

US Bank fee 
As of July 1, 2023 US Bank will charge all credit or debit card processing fees directly to the licensee. US Bank charges the following convenience fee: credit cards 2.15% and debit cards 1.25%.  These are not received by the Board, nor does the Board have the ability to remove, refund or change them.  Note that credit card statements will show two charges: The fee paid to the Board and the convenience fee collected by US Bank.

Continuing Education 
6 units of board-approved continuing education in animal chiropractic subjects will be due prior to the renewal of your Doctor of Chiropractic license on December 31 in addition to your 20 unit annual requirement.  You may locate approved courses by using our online search tool; or verify if the course is PACE approved through the PACE website

Having difficulty with the online system?
If having technical issues, please ensure you are using the most current version of one of these browsers: 
- Google Chrome (Desktop or Android)
- Microsoft Edge (chromium-based)  
- Mozilla Firefox
- Safari (MacOS or iOS)

I attest that I have read and understood the above. Continue to Renewal.
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