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License Renewal

The system for license renewal is NOT open.  Active licenses, Inactive licenses, Professional Firm registrations and Animal Chiropractic registrations are NOT available for renewal.  You are encouraged to renew early as "system glitches" or "technical difficulties" can occasionally occur, but will not be a defense against a late renewal (and any resulting penalties).  Please read the following notices before proceeding to the renewal link at the bottom of this page.  


Per Minnesota Statute. § 214.075; all licenses which are "lapsed" will require completion of a fingerprint based Criminal Background Check (CBC) before being reinstated to active status.  Therefore, if you do not renew your Doctor of Chiropractic license before February 28; your license will be Board Terminated.  This is considered a "lapse" according to M.S. 214.075; and you will be required to complete a Criminal Background Check for the purposes of license reinstatement.  (Board Terminated licenses are not authorized to practice chiropractic in the State of Minnesota.)

If you have not yet completed your continuing education, do not complete the renewal form affirming that you have completed your CE, as doing so would be placing false information on your renewal application, and subject you to substantial penalties.  Instead, if you will not complete your CE prior to 12/31, send in a check for your renewal fee by U.S. postal mail (to avoid a late payment penalty) and complete your CE ASAP.  When that is done, THEN you can complete your renewal application.  Even if it is into January, this will avoid a CE penalty during a later audit, which would occur as a result of putting false information on your application.  BE ADVISED THAT IF YOU ARE UN-RENEWED AFTER 12/31, YOU MAY NOT PRACTICE UNTIL YOUR RENEWAL IS COMPLETE. 

All CE must be approved courses from approved sponsors.  You are responsible to verify courses you take are approved by the Board and / or PACE.  (There are courses being offered by unapproved sponsors, some of which may not be approvable per MN Statutes and Rules.)  To verify if a course is approved by the Board; go to Continuing Education Course Look-Up or to verify if it is PACE approved; go to the PACE website.

For each license or registration renewal; you must complete two things:
1. Renewal Application
2. Renewal Payment

Note: Entering the fee payment function takes you out of the Board website and into the U.S. Bank website.  Because of this, you are encouraged to complete all renewal applications first (adding each one to your "cart") and then complete one payment for all renewals.  Once the payment is completed, you must log back in to complete any renewals which were not finished when you made your payment.  Any person failing to complete BOTH a renewal application AND a payment for each license and registration, will not have their renewal completed, will not be authorized to practice, and will be liable for severe penalties if practicing while unauthorized to do so. Finally... You are strongly encourage to print receipts at the end of each transaction (one for the application and one for the payment) to prove you have completed these tasks.  

Note: Special provisions pertaining to a waiver of such requirements for military personnel who are, or have recently been, actively deployed may be found at M.S. 326.55 and M.S. 326.56

Online transactions cannot be completed unless you are using the following minimum browsing versions:
 - Google Chrome
 - Microsoft Internet Explorer, version 9.0 or greater
 - Mozilla Firefox Version 16.0 or greater 

By clicking "Continue to Online Renewal", I agree that I have read and understand the above.

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