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Inactive License


An inactive license is specifically for those practitioners who are in active practice elsewhere. A license may be placed in formal inactive status upon application to the Board and payment of 75% of the current active fee. A practitioner may only place their license in Inactive Status if it is currently in good standing with the board, is current in fees, and is not the subject of current disciplinary or investigative activity. More information regarding the requirements for converting to an inactive status can be found in Minnesota Administrative Rule 2500.2020.
The potential benefits of an inactive status are the reduced fee, and the forbearance of any continuing education requirements for any renewal of the inactive status. However a doctor of chiropractic MAY NOT provide chiropractic services in the State of Minnesota while on Inactive status. Inactive Licenses must be renewed annually. NOTE: SPECIAL PROVISIONS PERTAINING TO A WAIVER OF SUCH REQUIREMENTS FOR MILITARY PERSONNEL WHO ARE, OR HAVE RECENTLY BEEN, ACTIVELY DEPLOYED MAY BE FOUND AT 326.55 and 326.56
An application for INACTIVE STATUS may be acquired by clicking on the link, or calling the board office at (651) 201-2850.
Reinstatement of the INACTIVE license to an ACTIVE license is established in Minnesota Rule 2500.2040 and has some additional requirements such as letters of good standing in the other jurisdiction where the doctor is currently licensed to practice, submission of a reinstatement fee, and proof of continuing education while practicing elsewhere and completion of a Criminal Background Check (CBC). Please see the full text of the above rule and the CBC tab for details.
If you are currently in INACTIVE status, and wish to reinstate to an ACTIVE status, an application may be acquired by clicking on the link, or calling the board office at (651) 201-2850.
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