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Annual Requirements

NOTE: You need not acquire any continuing education during the calendar year in which you were initially licensed.
Use the following table to determine your continuing education requirements for renewal or relicensure.
CE: Must be completed by December 31 in order to be licensed on January 1 of the following year.  CEUs must be by an approved sponsor or PACE as follows:
Total X-Ray Professional Boundaries Acupuncture Animal Chiropractic
20 3 *1 **2
26 ***6

  • X-ray or advanced imaging (technical, diagnostic, and/or safety)
  • *Professional boundaries (preventing boundary crossing behavior in the clinical setting) Only topics related to preventing boundary crossing behavior are approved for professional boundaries hours.
  • **Acupuncture if registered to provide acupuncture with this board
  • ***Additional hours over the 20-hour requirement, if registered to perform animal chiropractic services (animal chiropractic related subjects) Animal chiropractic CE hours do not apply to DC license hours.
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