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Step by Step Guide for Completing Your CBC

NOTE: Do not complete any of the following steps until after you have received the "Introduction to CBC" email. These instructions apply only to the standard fingerprint-based background check option and do not correspond directly to the process for submitting follow-up fingerprint-based materials for applicants who already completed a temporary fingerprinting-deferred background check (no longer available).

Print the forms linked in your Introduction to CBC email, then follow these steps:

Step 1: Fill out and sign Form 1 and Form 2.

  • Fill out your full name and date of birth.
  • If you have any former names or aliases (including maiden name), complete the forms as follows:
    • If your first and middle name were the same as your current name for all former names, you may enter only your former last name(s) on this line.
    • If you used a different first or middle name for any former name, include your full former name for all former names.
    • Do not include nicknames on this line.
  • Enter the board to which you have applied for licensure. Do not enter the type of license.
  • On Form 2, the driver's license information and current address are optional fields. However, under some specific circumstances, having this information can help process your CBC faster.
  • Sign and date both Form 1 and Form 2.

Step 2: Fill out, but do not sign Form 3.

  • Fill our your name, date of birth, and board.
  • Required fields: The identification information on this form is required. Enter the information for the identification you will present at your fingerprinting appointment.
    • Type: Enter the type of government-issued ID you will present. For examples: Driver's license, Passport, Military ID, Tribal ID, etc.
    • Entity: Enter the name of the government entity that issued the ID. For example, if presenting a driver's license, provide the name of the state that issued the driver's license. If presenting a passport, provide the name of the issuing country.
    • Number: Enter the ID number.
  • Enter a phone number and email address.

Step 3: Take Form 3 and your photo ID to your fingerprinting appointment. Acceptable forms of government-issued ID include driver's licenses, passports, tribal IDs, and military IDs. (Note: You are only required to bring one form of ID.)

Step 4: Sign Form 3 after the person taking your fingerprints has checked your identification. Form 3 must be signed in front of the person who takes your fingerprints at the time the prints are taken. (NOTE: If this isn't done correctly, you will be required to be fingerprinted again.)

Step 5: The person who takes your fingerprints then completes the bottom portion of Form 3 and signs it.

Step 6: After your fingerprints have been taken and the card is completed, the fingerprint card must be dated and signed by both you and the person taking your fingerprints.

Step 7: Complete and sign the PAS Form.

Step 8: Mail your fingerprint card and the accompanying forms to the CBCP office. NOTE: The building at 335 Randolph Ave is closed to the public until April 22, 2022. After April 22, materials may be dropped off between 8:30am and 4:00pm daily, either with office staff or building security.

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