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Fingerprinting Locations

If possible, license applicants should try to find a law enforcement agency that uses LiveScan (digital) fingerprint technology. Ink fingerprints are legally acceptable, but digital equipment produces better images. The police agency does not need to digitally transmit your prints. They merely need to digitally scan your fingerprints and print out a hardcopy fingerprint card that you mail in. Prints must be taken either at the Minnesota Criminal Background Check Program office or by an employee of a law enforcement agency—no private vendors. If local police agencies do not do fingerprinting, check other neighboring jurisdictions that are convenient. Call the Criminal Background Check office at 651-201-2822 if you need help finding law enforcement near you that provides fingerprinting.


1. Local Law Enforcement in any State or Foreign Country

Contact local law enforcement agencies in your area to determine: (1) if they offer fingerprinting; (2) what days/times fingerprinting is available; (3) if they want you or their own staff to fill out the fingerprint card; and (4) if there is a fee. Local agencies may charge a fingerprinting fee that is separate from the fee you pay to the Board. Not all police agencies take fingerprints, or their hours may be limited. Call first to check their policies and set up an appointment. Examples of local law enforcement agencies to contact include the following: county sheriffs, your state's crime bureau, city police, tribal police, state patrol, licensed campus police, military police, and any other government law enforcement agency. Even if your local police agencies do not do fingerprinting, check other neighboring jurisdictions that are convenient. Depending on your location, a short drive across the border into a nearby county or state may work for you!

2. Criminal Background Check Program in Minnesota

2829 University Ave SE, Suite 555
Minneapolis, MN  55414-4202
CALL FIRST for appointment
Method: LiveScan
Fee: no additional cost to applicants for in-office fingerprinting

3. Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) in Minnesota

1430 Maryland Ave E
St. Paul, MN  55106
(651) 793-7000
Hours: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday
Method: LiveScan
Fee: $10 per fingerprint card
Payment: cash, check, money order


1. Forms (sent via email). ***Reminder: BOTH you and law enforcement staff sign Form 3.
2. Valid government-issued photo ID.
3. An acceptable payment method for any fee the law enforcement agency charges for fingerprints.
4. Depending on the law enforcement agency you visit, you may need to supply a fingerprint card.

If your law enforcement agency requires you to bring your own hard copy card, then contact the Criminal Background Check Program at or 651-201-2822; one will be mailed to you via USPS at no additional cost.

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