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Mailing Instructions

DO NOT send in a fingerprint card or attempt to schedule a fingerprinting appointment until you have received the introductory email from the CBCP.

    mini PDF

Download and print the checklist for mailing your cards and forms

    mini PDF

Download/print PDF Step by Step Guide

Complete and sign Forms 1 & 2

Complete Form 3

Form 3 is signed by both applicant and fingerprinting technician

Fingerprint card is an FD-258 card and has been completed and signed by both applicant and fingerprinting technician

Place forms and FD-258 card in an envelope. It is best if the fingerprint card is not bent.

Write your return address as follows:

  • Your Name
  • Your Street
  • Your City, Your State Your ZIP
  • (MN Board of (your board) (e.g., MN Board of Nursing)

Send all three forms and the FD-258 card to the CBCP office at the following address:

  • Criminal Background Check Program
  • 2829 University Ave SE Ste 445
  • Minneapolis, MN  55414-4202
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