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Required Information on the FD-258 Card

NOTICE: Due to COVID-19, we are experiencing a higher volume of CBC requests and at the same time adapting to new processes that allow staff to telework and practice social distancing. It can take up to two weeks for paperwork received in our office to be processed and an additional three weeks to receive the report.

PLEASE NOTE: The CBCP office has indefinitely suspended all fingerprinting appointments in our office. Fingerprints must be submitted on a fingerprint card and should be sent by mail or courier (e.g. UPS, FedEx). OUR BUILDING IS CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC; DO NOT PHYSICALLY BRING YOUR FINGERPRINT CARD AND FORMS TO OUR OFFICE AS YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED IN THE BUILDING.

The following information must be entered before signing the card:

  • Name—Last name, First name, Middle name
  • Aliases—enter all former names (this should match the information on Forms 1, 2, and 3)
  • Residence—enter the residential address, not the mailing address (unless they are the same)
  • Reason Fingerprinted—"POR 214 075" for all applicants
  • ORI—enter the ORI assigned to your board (pre-printed on cards received from the CBCP)
  • Citizenship—enter your current country of citizenship (US, UK, Canada, etc.)

Demographic Information

  • Sex—there are only three options available for this category (based on fingerprint transmission software). Enter the letter that corresponds with one of the following:
    • Female—F
    • Male—M
    • Other—X
  • Race—there are limitations to what is available in the software. Enter corresponding letter for one of the following on the card (click here for more information on race classification and additional instruction):
    • Asian—A
    • Black—B
    • American Indian/Alaska Native—I
    • White or Hispanic—W
    • Unknown or other—U
  • Height—enter your height in three digits. The first is feet and the second and third are the inches. For example, if you are 5 feet 10 inches tall, enter "510."
  • Weight—enter your weight in pounds.
  • Eyes—enter one of these three letter codes:
    • BLK—Black
    • BLU—Blue
    • BRO—Brown
    • GRN—Green
    • GRY—Gray
    • HAZ—Hazel
    • MAR—Maroon
    • MUL—Multicolored
    • PNK—Pink
    • XXX—Unknown or other
  • Hair—enter one of these three letter codes:
    • BAL—Bald
    • BLK—Black
    • BLN—Blonde or Strawberry
    • BLU—Blue
    • BRO—Brown
    • GRY—Gray
    • ONG—Orange
    • PLE—Purple
    • PNK—Pink
    • RED—Red or Auburn
    • WHI—White
    • XXX—Unknown or other
  • Place of Birth—enter the state (if born in the US) or country of birth
  • Social Security Number—leave blank only if you do not have a SSN; otherwise enter your Social Security Number

Additional Requirements

  • Enter the current date at the time of the appointment
  • Card is signed by both you and the person who takes your fingerprints
  • NOTE: The bottom half of Form 3 must be completed and signed by the person who takes your fingerprints at the time your prints are taken.

What do I do once I've completed the FD-258 card?

Mail the FD-258 card and the three forms to the CBCP office. Click here for Mailing Instructions.

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