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LPC and LPCC Renewals

The Board mails renewal notices at least 45 days before the renewal due date (Minn. Rules 2150.0060). It is the licensee's responsibility to ensure that the license is renewed in a timely manner, regardless of receiving or not receiving the renewal form (Minn. Rules part 2150.0060). The most common reason that a renewal application is not received is failure to promptly notify the Board of a mailing address change; please remember to update your mailing address as necessary.

If you have not received your renewal notice at least 30 days before your renewal due date, please email to request that it be emailed to you.

The statute pertaining to professional counselor renewals states:

148B.54 License renewal requirements. 

Subdivision 1. Renewal. Licensees shall renew licenses at the time and in the manner established by the rules of the board.

HIST: 2003 c 118 s 8; 2004 c 279 art 5 s 4

The Board's formal rules related to professional counselor licensure renewal became effective on July 12, 2005. All licensees are responsible for knowing the renewal requirements outlined in these formal rules.

The Board is frequently asked if a licensee can practice when the license renewal card has not yet been received by the licensee. Minnesota Rules, part 2150.0080 states:

If a licensee's application for license renewal is postmarked or received by the board by the end of the business day on the expiration date of the license, the licensee may continue to practice after the expiration date while the application for license renewal is pending with the board.

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