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LPCC Coursework Requirements

  • Subjects 1 through 10 are the core counseling subjects, referenced in Minn. Stat. sec. 148B.53, subd. 1(b) and sec. 148B.5301, subd. 1(a)(3). Subjects 11 through 16 are the clinical counseling subjects, referenced in Minn. Stat. sec. 148B.5301, subd. 1(a)(5) and subd. 3(a)(6).

  • While the conversion method does not require a minimum number of credits per clinical subject area, all conversion method applicants must still cover all 6 of the clinical subject areas and demonstrate a total of 24 clinical credits.

  • Course subjects 1 through 10 are described in the application.

  • The reciprocity method does not require that specific coursework be demonstrated by the applicant. If the license being used for reciprocity has already been approved by the BBHT for reciprocity application, the BBHT has determined that the license being used required the same or comparable coursework for licensure eligibility.

Course work table
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