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Teacher Ethics

The Board of Teaching is authorized to investigate complaints against all individuals that it licenses. This includes teachers, school nurses, school counselors, school social workers and school psychologists. Complaints relate to alleged violations of statutes or rules that the Legislature has empowered the Board to enforce, such as the Code of Ethics for Minnesota Teachers.

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Licensure Compliance

Accountability in public education is important and the Minnesota Board of Teaching believes it is critical that teachers are teaching only in those areas for which they are licensed or hold a proper permission for. Each year public school districts in Minnesota are required to report the names and teaching assignments of district employees who are working in positions that require licensure under the jurisdiction of the Board of Teaching. Licensing information is then crosschecked with licensure data maintained by the Minnesota Department of Education. The Minnesota Board of Teaching notifies individuals who are found to be teaching out of compliance and disciplinary action can result.

To report an individual who is teaching outside his/her licensure area without holding the proper Minnesota license or special permission, please contact Heather Ward, Minnesota Board of Teaching at or 651-582-8213.

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