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Unit Approval

Institutional and Organizational Approval

The Board of Teaching grants licensure to applicants who have completed approved teacher preparation programs. Before Minnesota teacher preparation programs can be approved, the organizations and institutions themselves must be approved as providers. While institutional approval is sought by accredited institutions of higher education, similarly, organizational approval must be sought by non-profit organizations, or institutions of higher education that are not regionally accredited.

MN Unit Rule 8705.1000 (in total) can be found at the link here.

Alternative Preparation Providers

In 2011 the Minnesota Legislature directed the Board of Teaching to develop a process for approving alternative teacher preparation programs. After conducting targeted research, analysis, and community engagement, the Board adopted the Guidelines for the Approval of Alternative Teacher Preparation Providers on January 13, 2012.The guidelines for this process are available at the link below. The Board of Teaching welcomes inquiries about this option. Please direct inquiries to Erin Doan, Executive Director, at

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