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Program Approval

chartRequest for Initial Program Approval (RIPA): 

Institutions and organizations seeking initial approval for a new licensure program must submit a Request for Initial Program Approval (RIPA) via the Educator Preparation Program Application System (EPPAS). RIPA applications should be submitted at least one year prior to the anticipated program launch date to allow adequate review time. After initial program approval is granted, licensure programs report biannually to seek continuing approval.

Units that wish to launch new licensure programs should be aware of the submission timelines. Do not begin offering new licensure programs that have not been approved by the Board.

Kindergarten Endorsement Licensure Option Information

RIPAS due by AUGUST 31 annually

If the RIPA application is “final” and submitted in EPPAS by August 31, it will assure adequate time for the review to be completed, including two opportunities for Program Review Panel (PRP) evaluation,  and launch for the following fall.

RIPAS submitted between October  and end of December

During this time, priority is given to the review of PERCAs and the RIPAS submitted by August 31.

If time allows, new RIPAs will be processed, and only the April PRP evaluation will be possible. Therefore, there is no assurance that the review will be completed in time for launch the following fall semester.

January through end of June

RIPAS may be submitted in EPPAS, but none will begin the review process until July when the new RIPA window commences.  During this period, PERCAs and RIPAS submitted by August 31, will be finalized.


“Nonconventional”  RIPA applications MUST be reviewed by the Program Review Panel (Feb or April), so submitters should plan accordingly.


Program Effectiveness Report for Continuing Approval (PERCA):

PERCAS submitted by Oct 31

This assures that each program has the opportunity for two reviews by the Program Review Panel (Feb and April) if needed.

PERCAS submitted by Dec 31

This assures that each program has the opportunity for one review by the Program Review Panel  (April) if needed.

PERCAS that have not been submitted by Jan 1

Have the potential to be disapproved by the Board, and no opportunity for review by Program Review Panel.

Program Narrative Guidance Revised

Program Review Panel (PRP):

The Program Review Panel is a 13-member panel representing stakeholders in teacher education in Minnesota. Minnesota Rule 8705.2000 describes its charge. The panel meets two or three times per year to review PERCAs and RIPAs and provide recommendations to the Board.

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