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Preparing Teachers in Minnesota

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The Board of Teaching (BOT) is responsible for adopting rules and implementing processes and requirements for approving licensure programs in Minnesota. (Minnesota Statute 122A.09, Subdivisions 4(c) and 4(d))

The Board of Teaching collaborates with Minnesota higher education institutions to ensure the highest possible quality for programs offering teacher training. Before Minnesota teacher preparation programs within higher education institutions and other providers can be approved, the institutions/providers themselves must evidence compliance to Board standards. Since the early 1970's, institutional review procedures have required Minnesota institutions to prepare and submit for peer review a written self-study report responding to a set of standards adopted by the Board of Teaching in Minnesota Rules Part 8705.1000 subpart 2-10. The BOT conducts on-site visits to every public, private and for-profit Minnesota teacher preparation institution every 5-7 years to ensure the accuracy and completeness of these self-study reports and to verify the unit's ongoing compliance to the standards of Minnesota Rules Part 8705.1000 subpart 2-10.

Teacher licensure programs offered by providers that are not higher education institutions are evaluated and approved in accordance with Minnesota Statute 122A.245 and Minnesota Rule 8705.1200 for Alternative Route Providers.

Minnesota Approved Teacher Preparation Programs

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