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Minnesota Teacher Licensure Exam Requirements

Requirements for teacher licensure in Minnesota include passing a series of exams to demonstrate competency in reading, writing, math, pedagogy and licensure field specific content.

View the MTLE website to learn more about the exams required for a teaching license in Minnesota, get specific information about when and where you can take the test, and access preparation materials.

The Board of Teaching is responsible for overseeing the teacher testing requirements set forth in Minnesota statute and is continually monitoring and analyzing the testing program.

The Board of Teaching has adopted the following passing scores for these exams:

MTLE Pedagogy and Content Exams:  Passing scores are ≥ 240 for all subtests.

Basic Skills (Reading, Writing and Math: Exam options for demonstration of proficiency and passing scores are shown below. Minnesota Statute 122A.09, subdivision 4(b):

Multi-state NES Essential Academic Skills:

Reading: 205

Writing: 214

Math: 213


Minnesota NES Essential Academic Skills:

Reading:≥ 520

Writing: ≥ 520

Math: ≥ 520

MTLE Basic Skills Test:  (discontinued June 8, 2016)

Reading: 240

Writing: 240

Math: 240

ACT Plus Writing:  (Feb 2005-present)

Combined Score: 22

Combined English/Writing or ELA: 21

1600 SAT:  (new version, Mar 1, 2016-present)

Reading + Writing: 550

Math: 570 

2400 SAT:  (old version, Mar 12, 2005-Feb 28, 2016)

Reading: 510

Writing: 510

Math: 520


(taken 2001-Aug 11, 2011)

Verbal Reasoning: 450

Analytical Writing: 3

Quantitative Reasoning: 540


(taken after Aug 11, 2011)

Verbal Reasoning: 150

Analytical Writing: 3

Quantitative Reasoning: 145

For candidates who have completed their teacher training in other states:

Praxis I:  (prior to Sept 1, 2014)

Reading: 173

Writing: 172 

Math: 171

Praxis CORE:  (Sept 1, 2014-present)

Reading: 156

Writing: 162 

Math: 150

Based on Minnesota statute 122A.09 subdivision 4(b), accommodations are available:  "
The Board of Teaching and the entity administering the content, pedagogy, and skills examinations must allow any individual who produces documentation of a disability in the form of an evaluation, 504 plan, or individual education program (IEP) to receive the same testing accommodations on the content, pedagogy, and skills examinations that the applicant received during their secondary or post secondary education."

To request accommodations for any of the exams, click here.

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