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Projects Highlights 

Child Custody Dialogue

For over 10 years, advocacy groups had introduced proposals to the Minnesota legislature that judges make child custody decisions starting from a presumption of joint physical custody and shared parenting time, with enumerated exceptions. Read More

Minnesota Security Hospital

The Minnesota Security Hospital (MSH) is the only secure facility in the state designed to provide assessment and treatment of individuals with severe mental health disorders who are also considered dangerous. In 2011, MSH was placed under a conditional license due to overuse of restraint and seclusion. Read More

City of Falcon Heights Task Force on Inclusion and Policing

The City of Falcon Heights, Minnesota faced serious questions about inclusion and policing following the death of Philando Castile during a traffic stop in their community. In order to address these issues, the City Council formed the Falcon Heights Task Force on Inclusion and Policing. Read More  

State and Local Government Issues

OCDR works with cities, counties and school boards to resolve community issues. Read More  
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