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Logo and Identity

Logo and identity design by Maureen McIlhargey at Momentum Design, Inc.


Photos used on the Bureau of Mediation Services site were provided by Pioneer Photography and the Minnesota Department of Transportation. Each photo is used in accordance with their respective sharing licenses.

Some photos may have been edited or adjusted in compliance with each photo's license specifications. The sizes of all images have been adjusted to fit the page.

If you have photos that you feel represent Minnesota or BMS and would like them considered for use on our website, please email Janet Johnson.

Courthouse and Capitol Building Images

LEtoileDuNord.jpgPhotographed by Doug Ohman of Pioneer Photography.

  • Minnesota State Capitol, homepage.
  • Golden Horses, homepage.
  • St. Louis County Courthouse, homepage.
  • Brown County Courthouse, homepage.
  • Washington County Courthouse, Arbitration.
  • Nicollet County Courthouse, Labor-Management.
  • Madison County Courthouse, Training.

Bridge and Transportation Images

Photographed by MN DOT.

  • Three Bridges: St. Anthony Falls (35W), 10th Ave, and Northern Pacific #9 (Pedestrian), homepage.
  • Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge, homepage.
  • Minneapolis and LRT, homepage.
  • St. Paul High Bridge, homepage.
  • Hastings High Bridge, Mediation.
  • St. Anthony Falls (35W), OCDR.
  • John A. Blatnik Bridge, Representation.
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