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Contact Information

Bureau of Mediation Services
1380 Energy Lane, Suite Two
St. Paul, MN 55108
TTY: 1-800-627-3529
FAX: 651-643-3013

Staff Listing as of May 2015

Tilsen, Josh Commissioner 651-649-5436
Doncavage, Todd Deputy Commissioner 651-649-5431
Johnson, Janet L. Labor Mediation Manager 651-649-5426
Levison, Mariah OCDR Manager 651-539-1409
Belton, Earnie Mediator 651-649-5445
Hoffmeyer, Steven
Mediator 651-649-5447
Stockstead, Mike Mediator 651-649-5432
Kielblock, Jill Mediator 651-649-5428
Vannelli, Dan Mediator 651-649-5444
Villarreal, Johnny Mediator 651-649-5435
Clifford, Carol
Administrative Support
Gomez, Juan S.W. Paraprofessional Sr. 651-539-1403
Trinh, Vy
S.W. Paraprofessional Sr.
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