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Below is a list of articles pertaining to parenting a child in the ASD spectrum.

Parent Education (Center for Engaging Autism)

10/22/2017 9:03:59 AM

autistic boy on a white couch with his mother holding him


Knowledge is power. And armed with the right tools and approach, families living with autism emerge from survival mode into flourishing. That is why CEA is focused on parent training. All our Lecture Series events are born from everyday parenting issues. Then we tap into the experts we know who can address those issues in a holistic, parent-friendly way. If it isn’t used by parents in their homes, we don’t present it.

Check out our “Goings on” page for our upcoming Lecture Series presentations. They’re practical, affordable and exactly what you need.

Thanks to the success of our annual fundraiser – Ale for Autism -we now offer scholarships for our Lecture Series! Complete the contact form below to apply.

Scholarship Application

Apply for reduced fee to any of our parent education offerings.



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Center for Engaging Autism

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