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19 - 25 years: Home

Home is our safe place.  Home is where we “reset”.  Creating an environment for this in someone with ASD in their early adult years can be challenging but it can be done.  This section aims at helping people create their sense of ‘home’. 

Navigating MSP Airport Program

8/30/2017 3:43:35 PM

Navigating MSP Airport program logo

MSP Airport

Navigating MSP Airport is a monthly program designed specifically for families with children with special needs to help ease the stress of flying. The program serves as a “dress rehearsal” at the airport where families can practice entering the terminal, being screened at the TSA security checkpoint, boarding an aircraft and going to baggage claim. During the Navigating MSP Airport events, the airport experience is as realistic as possible (processes, sounds, activity, etc).
Events begin with families arriving at Terminal 1-Lindbergh, parking, and meeting at the Tram Level Information Booth. After signing in, attendees will receive security passes and a laminated “what’s next” airport card lanyard. Next, families are assigned to an airport volunteer who will guide them through the airport process and answer any questions they may have.

With volunteer and TSA assistance, families will go through security screening, make their way through the Airport Mall and to the gate (which will be announced the day of the event). Next, families will board the airplane have time to sit, practice putting on the seatbelt and look around. An airline crew member will be available to answer questions.

After families have their time on the plane they will disembark and be shown around the terminal to areas like the family area, quiet seating area, children’s play area, observation deck, art exhibits, etc. Families may also choose look around on their own or head to the baggage claim level, where the tour ends.

This program is a partnership between the Metropolitan Airports Commission, Autism Society of Minnesota and Fraser. For more information, please contact Shelly Lopez, Metropolitan Airports Commission, 612-726-5239.
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Autism Society of Minnesota -
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Traveling with your special needs child can seem intimidating.  Navigating MSP Airport helps ease the anxiety with free, monthly practice runs through the airport.  A partnership between the Metropolitan Airports Commission and the Fraser and the Autism Society of Minnesota (AuSM), this program will allow you to: 

  • Experience TSA security
  • Explore the terminal
  • Board a plane and meet a pilot
  • Prepare for takeoff
  • Gather helpful tips, info & resources

Click below to register for an upcoming program: 

Questions? Contact Shelly Lopez at 612-726-5239 or

Social Story

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Autism Booklet

Additional Resources

View information from the TSA on traveling with disabilities and medical conditions.

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