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Assistive Technology For Home

Did you know that:

  • Assistive technology helps people of all ages with disabilities perform a wide range of tasks at home.
  • Assistive technology can be used to help older adults remain independent in their home.

Examples of Assistive Technology for Home

Assistive technology is used at home to assist with a variety of tasks such as daily living (dressing, grooming), paying bills, and housework. Below are a few examples of assistive technology for use at home:

  • Writing guides, adapted writing tools
  • Reacher
  • Wheelchair desk/tray
  • Walker bag
  • Switch-adapted appliances
  • Adapted eating utensils
  • Zipper pull/button hook
  • Large button telephone

If you would like to learn more about assistive technology for use at home, contact STAR or check out the resource section below.

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