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Review Board Meetings

The Minnesota Historic Structure Rehabilitation Tax Credit and the Minnesota Historical and Cultural Grants program have substantially increased the number of projects submitted to the Minnesota State Historic Preservation Office for review. We understand also that this has increased the work load for consultants. For regulatory notification purposes nomination documentation for properties located in Certified Local Governments (CLG) must be submitted earlier than those not located in CLG communities. Below are the 2019 meeting dates for the Minnesota State Historic Preservation Review Board. These dates, and their corresponding deadlines, will allow you to plan accordingly. We must stress that in our effort to be fair to all the SHPO can no longer set aside one project to work on another that has arrived after the stated deadline. Please respect these deadlines.

State Review Board Meeting Dates:

March 19, 2019                 CLG: Dec 12, 2018                             Non CLG: Jan 8, 2019

May 14, 2019                     CLG: Feb 5, 2019                               Non CLG: March 9, 2019

August 20, 2019                CLG: May 13, 2019                           Non CLG: June 11, 2019

November 12, 2019         CLG: August 6, 2019                         Non CLG: September 3, 2019

As outlined above, if a nominated property is located within an area where the unit of government has Certified Local Government (CLG) status, the complete nomination package must be submitted by the date in the center column (CLG). If the unit of government does not have CLG status, the date in the third column (Non CLG) applies.

A complete nomination package includes a nomination and its corresponding additional information, all of which has been reviewed by the SHPO and found acceptable. (Important note: as you know, preparing a nomination is a complex process and at times a draft nomination will go through several reviews). Nominations are reviewed in the order received, and if a nomination arrives on a CLG or Non CLG submission date and is not complete, it will not be placed on the review board agenda.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Location: Minnesota History Center, Cargill Commons, Level 2
Time: 6:00 PM
Full Meeting Agenda (PDF)

Meeting Agenda

  1. Informal Presentation by State Historic Preservation Office Staff
  2. Election of Officers
  3. Introduction by State Historic Preservation Review Board Chair
  4. Approval of Minutes from August 21, 2018 Meeting
  5. Presentation of Nominations and Removals
  6. Other Business – Adoption of New Bylaws

Nomination Documents

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