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Professional/Technical Services Contract Evaluations

Required for Professional Service Contracts in Excess of $25,000

Minnesota Statutes 16C.08, subd. 4(c), requires that upon completion of a contract over $25,000 (prior to 7/1/11 that amount was $50,000), agencies submit a one-page report, summarizing the purpose of the contract, stating the amount spent on the contract, and including a written performance evaluation of the work done under the contract. This page allows interested parties the option to search all contract evaluations by agency or by vendor.

Evaluations received by the Office of State Procurement since March 1, 2009, have been posted on this web page, which is updated as evaluations are submitted. Evaluations submitted prior to March 1, 2009, are available for review at the Legislative Reference Library.

Agencies please use an online form in the Secure Portal to submit evaluations. 

Search evaluations submitted beginning July 1, 2011 here.

Minnesota Statutes 16C.08, subd. 4b, provides that "No action may be maintained by a contractor against an employee or agency who discloses information about a current or former contractor under subdivision 4, unless the contractor demonstrates by clear and convincing evidence that: (1) the information was false and defamatory; (2) the employee or agency knew or should have known the information was false and acted with malicious intent to injure the current or former contractor; and (3) the information was acted upon in a manner that caused harm to the current or former contractor."

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