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Restoration Efforts

In January of 2012, the Department of Administration (Admin) initiated predesign efforts for the repair, restoration, and preservation of the Residence, and retained the architecture firm, Miller Dunwiddie, to lead the effort. The predesign examined all interior and exterior components of the Residence and provided a template for future design and construction efforts. The predesign report also aided in ensuring the most critical work is prioritized with the available funding.

The work, as identified, was slated to be completed in three phases, with the initial work getting underway in 2013:

  • Phase I - Items identified as immediate priority, including work to address security, the energy performance of the building envelope surrounding the Residence, and site and building issues related to drainage. Phase I work addressed issues that could potentially harm the Residence and those that could impact the day-to-day function of the Residence both as a residence and for events.
  • Phase II - Completed work on many of the site and exterior needs, and made additional functional improvements to the Residence up to the second and third levels, including adding cooling. The air handling unit serving the lower and first levels was replaced and building envelope efficiency improvements were made for the Carriage House.
  • Phase III - Replacement of boilers to enhance efficiency and address items that would be of a benefit to the site and functionality of the building.

Admin, as custodial owner of the building, budgeted $2.5 million of Asset Preservation funds for design and construction. This funding supported Phase I of the work identified in the predesign report. Private funds were explored to support Phases II and III. Phase I began in June of 2013 and was completed in the summer of 2014. Due to the work being completed, tours of the Residence were not held during that time. 

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