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Preservation and Restoration

The need to provide a comprehensive restoration of the Residence has been well documented over the years. In 1983, a master plan for building preservation was developed by architecture, landscape architecture and interior design professionals, and that plan was updated in 1995. Then in 2011, a facilities assessment was conducted which outlined building system and infrastructure requirements that needed to be addressed over the next five years. The assessment confirmed that many of the Residence's infrastructure components and systems were beyond their life expectancy, and that the accessibility, security and sustainability of the building needed to be addressed.

In January 2012, the Department of Administration initiated predesign efforts for the repair, restoration, and preservation of the Residence, and retained the architecture firm, Miller Dunwiddie, to lead the effort. The predesign examined all interior and exterior components of the Residence and provides a template for future design and construction efforts. The most critical work identified in the predesign report was prioritized and, with the limited funding available, the Department of Administration completed a portion of necessary repairs.

Miller Dunwiddie completed an updated predesign in 2020, which found that the backlog of deferred maintenance was growing along with the concern for safety. The predesign document focuses on addressing long standing deficiencies in regular facility condition assessments. In particular, most building infrastructure components and systems are beyond their useful life expectancy and deteriorated to the point of requiring replacement.

A Construction Manager at Risk Request for Proposal (RFP) was issued in December 2022 for construction services including replacement of outdated or inadequate building infrastructure components (mechanical, electrical, plumbing, foundation and exterior envelope), and an upgrade to security systems. In addition, minor modifications are needed to existing space to improve food service operations, accommodate State sponsored receptions, and to improve livability.

The Governor's Residence Council reviewed and provided its support for the draft predesign at its November 9, 2022, meeting. The Department of Administration will begin construction in June 2023 with completion anticipated in September 2024.

Architect of Record

Miller Dunwiddie (Minneapolis, MN)

Construction Manager

Donlar Construction (Shoreview, MN)

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